Limited usage of our product perfect for smaller businesses and company’s

basic +

Standard account status but with a larger volume of accesible assets to the user


A larger package for our medium sized clientèle maximising efficiency

pro +

Our executive package , designed for maximum efficiency to larger clients


Our corporate package , comprehensive and unlimited vital to any corporation

Pay as you go

Our pay as you go top up system implemented for topping up your tarriff

overview of account types

Trial Standard Standard + Professional Executive Corporate Pay as you go
Appointment 200 200 200 2000 7000 unlimited
Branding n n y y y y
Mobile n n y y y y
Publishing 250 250 250 2500 25000 unlimited
Questionaire 20 20 20 100 300 unlimited
Work and skills 100 100 100 500 5000 unlimited

Technical Information

  • real time for maximum reliability
  • ensured fluidity in all tasks
  • powerful and efficient

Technical Support

  • Setup – Full implementation wizard with support for initial set up.
  • responsive user interface
  • Level 3 support via Xactalog – our online issue tracking system
  • Knowledgebase access via ‘EasyKnow’ – our online reference system
  • easy use from the outset
  • rapid response to any issues